Forum Title: Underground downspout mystery.
Hey guys, So full admission here, I know basically nothing about drainage or piping. But, I am a new home owner, and we ran into a slight problem with what I think was likely the gutters - why I surprisingly was able to fix! Haha But, while fixing it, we wanted to check the underground downspout. I may be using the wrong terminology, so just to be clear: The gutters empty into piping, and the piping then goes under the ground to what is a piping exit. We placed a hosepipe in that piping to check the drainage on the other end... Water never actually exited that pipe. But, the odd thing is, it never backed up, either. We left the hosepipe for about 15 minutes, and it absolutely never backed up or exited the pipe where I would expect it to. We have three of these exits, and I checked all of them. Where in the world could that water be going? Obviously it has to go somewhere, but is there some massive hole under my yard that is just filling full of water? I mean what the heck... Thanks for taking the time to help a few clueless folks out.
Category: Plumber Post By: DEANNA CORTEZ (San Clemente, CA), 03/28/2016

that's funny..................well im not very sure of where you live but when you see gutter systems in New York draining into an indirect drain (like a cup pouring into a cup) it goes into the ground......then goes into your house......then depending on where you live and sewer regulations goes into an independent rain water line and then out to the street from inside your house, so you'll never actually hear or see the water leaving because unless you open up the main sewer line. Joshua the plumber!

- EDUARDO MANNING (Green Bay, WI), 09/14/2017

Hope I was of any help

- ANTHONY LEE (Cerritos, CA), 09/27/2017

If you are on a sewer, a lot of times there are 2 sewers. A building sewer that carries your waste, and a storm sewer that handles rainwater. If you are not on a storm sewer, chances are the downspouts drain into perforated piping and the water dissipates into the ground

- Charles LaCour (Elmhurst, IL), 10/12/2017

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