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My wife and I just moved into a house in the country. There is a first floor laundry room where we have put our washer and dryer. We have noticed a sewer gas smell and think it is because there is not a p trap installed on the washing machine drain pipe. There is an elbow near floor and then an approximately 3', pvc pipe (4 inch diameter) that is used for the drain pipe. The elbow leads directly outside, where there is another elbow that runs down into the ground and into a pipe that leads to our lagoon. I'm unsure how to correctly install a p trap in this instance. The 4" pvc pipe is kind of throwing me for a loop as well as the lack of space to install something. I am new to plumbing, so if anyone has any advice on what I should do, I would great appreciate it! Thanks for your help and let me know if you have any further questions.
Category: Plumber Post By: RICHARD DAVIS (Kennewick, WA), 04/05/2016

Looks pretty good. Here is a little guide for getting the positioning right: Looks like what you sketched, but apparently the measurements are rather particular.

- TRACEY QUINN (Roseville, MI), 09/04/2017

Here's an illustration....

- HARRY HOWARD (Euless, TX), 09/20/2017

If you can dig down a few more inche's into the soil outside AND if you can raise the horizontal section of pipe that penetrates the wall, then you could cut out the exterior elbow and remove everything in the wall and the piece where your discharge hose drains your snide the house. Next, install a tee on the exterior point of connection making sure you have installed it high enough to allow for your p-trap on the inside to be clear of the floor (you may need to use a coupling and a short piece of pipe to get your height on the exterior connection before you install the tee), make your tee installation with the branch of the tee going into the wall so you can assemble the p-trap and trap arm from inside and into the tee's branch. Now you just add a riser to your p-trap for your discharge hose and finally, run a vertical vent from the top side of the tee up, along the exterior wall ( best if you can make it terminate about 12 above the roof). Now you have a properly vented and working waste line for you washed.

- HILDA GRIFFITH (West Jordan, UT), 09/22/2017

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