Forum Title: Kitchen Sink Drain - Issue with Install
I installed the drain in the attached photo here some months ago. From time-to-time it decides to leak where the p-trap connects to the pipe coming out of the wall. I've tried adjusting which usually causes more leaks. Any advice or help would be appreciated! Please be gentle as this was my first diy plumbing attempt.
Category: Plumber Post By: RENE PAUL (Eagan, MN), 04/10/2016

Like Phish said.

- ROSE REED (San Marcos, TX), 09/07/2017

That connection on the p-trap is not made to accept any extension. Plumbed as it is, best case is the joint continues to leak. Worst case and very likely possibility is it comes apart and waste water floods your sink base. Re-plumb as others have recommended. Also, remove and replace the exposed Romex-type power cord with a heavy duty disposal power cord plugged in to an outlet. That material can not be used in an exposed location. And before someone blows a blood vessel looking at it, secure the dishwasher drain line slack to the bottom of the sink or countertop.

- DANA RIOS (Covina, CA), 09/29/2017

You need to remove the Ptrap configuration and re plumb it. Use a 45 degree bend to turn toward the vertical drain, then attach the Ptrap to that horizontal pipe and to the vertical drain directly, without all of the additional 90's and pipe. You will have to cut the vertical drain a little bit shorter, but a hacksaw will make quick work of that.

- KELLY BELL (Midland, TX), 10/03/2017

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