Forum Title: Drain problem or poor toilet design?
Hi. We have a 9 yr old house. I've always had a problem with clogging toilets. Not just one, but all three. It does seem like its gotten worse over the years, which makes me worry there's a problem with the main drain (since its all three). However, there is no other apparent sign. Tubs, sinks... they drain just fine. And the toilet flushes fine when nothing solid is in it. But even my 3 yr old's poop can need a plunging (mind you, my 3 yr old does have surprisingly big craps!). Its annoying and, frankly, its a bit embarrassing and I avoid having company over because of it. I've always been thinking its the toilets, by reason that nothing else ever seems to get clogged. But I don't want to spend many hundreds on new toilets if that's not the problem. Thoughts?
Category: Plumber Post By: BERNARD OLIVER (Maple Grove, MN), 04/21/2017

I bet bad toilet design.

- RAMON SANTIAGO (Wichita Falls, TX), 09/10/2017

LoL.......................You see, the thing with that is if you could have a plumber that's going to come over and evaluate this problem for free that would be your best bet but if it were me I would have to see the actual bowls themselves. your best option is to get one toilet bowl called a power flush bowl. you can get one from any name brand you wish, that's going to tell you if you have a pressure problem immediately or if you have a drain issue or if its just that toilet toilet bowl unit within itself.....those are your first steps process of elimination. Second, you need to locate your main sewer line and watch someone flush a bowl and see how strong the flow is because that will determine if you have nice pitching in your piping! remember.. plumbing is supposed to always float down hill!

- A. O. Smith (Chesterfield, MO), 09/18/2017

(3rd time trying to submit this post. Something is up with your Facebook login!!) Thanks! Now I have to figure out how to spot a good design!

- HOWARD GRAY (Peabody, MA), 09/22/2017

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