Forum Title: double relief values in fla?
i live in estero fla, my hot water heater has a relief value coming out of the top of the electric water heater tank as ususal, but their is also a pressure relief value that is plumbed into the coldwater inlet pipe going to the water heater. This house is plumbed with pvc water pipe...can anyone tell me if this second relief value is needed as its leaking? also what is the pressure limit of this value and is it consistent with the same pressure relief value on the electric hot water heater. thx frank franktheweekendplumber is offline Report Post
Category: Plumber Post By: CINDY LAWRENCE (Janesville, WI), 04/26/2017

The relief valve that is attached directly to the water heater (T&P valve) is an emergency only relief valve. It will activate when either the pressure rises too high or the temperature of the water in the tank rises too high. The relief valve that is on the cold water feed (thermal expansion valve) is meant to release pressure that is created when the water in the water heater expands as it gets hot. Both are necessary and required by code. The pressure release is adjustable on any thermal expansion valve that I have seen, they generally come set at about 125 psi.

- ERICA LUCAS (Fairfield, CA), 10/08/2017

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